How do parents raise smart kids


of children use electronic devices in bed.1


of parents are distracted by their phone when spending time with their children.2


of adolescents are not sufficiently physically active.3

Is your family struggling with time spent on screens?

Does your child have meltdowns when asked to put down the device?

Does your teen seem extra moody or have trouble sleeping?

Are you worried that your kid is growing up too fast?

Do you feel frustrated when your kids say “just one more game?"


Parenting kids today is harder than it was 20 years ago. Electronic devices are everywhere–at school, at work, at home.


Hi. I’m Dr. Beverly Pell. I have three children, and I understand firsthand the struggles and challenges of raising kids in a digital era. Now that I have a granddaughter, I can see how much more challenging it is today raising kids surrounded by digital devices at home and at school. In 2020, more kids were watching YouTube than ever before.4

We love spending time with our kids, and we want them to grow up healthy and happy. So how can we protect our time and treasure in a digitally driven world? I surveyed hundreds of families using technology in the home, and I discovered parents were overwhelmed by monitoring and regulating their kids' screen time. This led me to develop the 4 step TAME Your Tech® framework.

Today, when we’re irritable, annoyed, impatient, and overwhelmed, we aren’t the problem–it’s our tech! When it comes to using digital devices we can tame tech so it doesn’t interfere with the family life we dream of having. A tamed object doesn’t surprise you and its behavior is predictable. Taming something means to control it.

We can tame our technology!

The Tame Your Tech® Guide for Parents provides everything you need to start implementing this framework with your family today. If you need additional support, schedule a discovery call to discuss one-on-one or group coaching.

1. National Sleep Foundation, 2016
2. Pew Reserach Center, 2020
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4. Jenny Radesky, M.D., Common Sense Census Report, 2020


Tame Your Tech® Guide for Parents

The easiest way to tame tech at home is to communicate with your kids about digital tech use. I’ve developed a 4 step communication framework that makes communicating with digital kids easy. Practicing these 4 communication habits around the topic of digital tech helps parents and kids connect with each other and form a team to tame technology, together.

This is a 40 page, interactive PDF eBook available as an instant download. It will teach you the 4 step process to TAME Your Tech® through personal stories, detailed explanations and prompt questions. Printable worksheet templates and completed samples are included. Click 'Buy Parent Guide' to see the complete table of contents.