Tame Your Tech® Parent Guide (eBook)


A 40 page, interactive PDF eBook available as an instant download. This parent guide will teach you the 4 step process to TAME Your Tech® through personal stories, detailed explanations and prompt questions. Printable worksheet templates and completed samples are included. See detailed description below for the table of contents.


Digital technology has transformed our world in ways we never imagined. We see toddlers, tweens, and teens giving their full attention to engaging content on the devices in their hands. As parents, we might struggle with these same distractions. We want more for our families, but we’re not sure where to start.

The TAME Your Tech® Guide for Parents is a primer with practical tips to control tech so that tech doesn’t control the family! The simple four step framework to TAME tech empowers parents to take an active role in protecting their time and treasure. The worksheets included in the guide provide practical examples and easy to use strategies so families can tackle tech troubles with less stress and more happiness.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 3
  • Evaluation 5
  • Step 1 – Talk 8
  • Step 2 – Ask 12
  • Step 3 – Model 15
  • Step 4 – Explain 18
  • Worksheet Templates 24
  • Tame Your Tech® Family Plan 27
  • Tame Your Tech® Action Plan 29
  • Tech Check Exercise 31
  • Conversation Worksheet 33
  • Conversation Topics 35
  • Journal Entry Writing Activity 36
  • Let’s Connect! 40



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