TAME Your Tech® Quiz

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  • Are teen tantrums over phone use and gaming time a thing at your house?

    Or do you simply wonder if you are parenting the right way when it comes to your teens tech?

    After all, when you were a teen, life was so different. No smart phones, no TikTok or YouTube or whatever the latest teen trends in online are.

    And you want the best for your teen. To protect him or her from doing things they may later regret. From sharing stuff they shouldn’t to failing an exam because they spent time playing instead of studying.

    But the teenage mind knows best.

    At least they think they do.

    When you confront them on their phone use, they will tell you that “you don’t understand what it is like” and “that their generation does things differently from when you were young”. Which often means the end of the conversation and life as we know it continues and nothing changes.

    It makes you wonder if you are doing it right and if there is some other way to go about it.

    Which is why I, dr. Beverly Pell, developed a test. It will help you see where you can improve.

    So take the 10-question test and let me help you.

    Dr. Bev