For all the parents whose teens are STILL glued to their screens, phones, and gaming consoles…

The TAME Your Tech Method: Helping Parents Support, Encourage and Guide their Teens to Use Technology

Within Normal Bounds

Within 7 short weeks, you’ll learn the expert-vetted, and scientifically backed approach to give your child the toolkit to self-regulate their device use, improve their sleeping schedule, and do well at school, too.

If you struggle with keeping your teen off social media…

And feel sick and tired of hearing how “you can’t pause an online game, as your child once again gives you an attitude while playing Fortnite, Minecraft or Roblox…

But if taking away their video games, phones, or any “tech rules” you’ve tried to enforce don’t seem to work…

And if you’ve seen the negative impact technology, and smartphones make on your beloved son or daughter, be it socially, cognitively, or physically…

Then please pay close attention.

Dive into the Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned over the last 25 Years in Education as a Teacher, Coach, Home Educator, and Professor

Dr. Bev

Hi, my name is Dr. Beverly Pell, but you can call me Dr. Bev.

And I firmly believe you can raise happy and healthy teenagers in this digitally distracted world.

I have a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Policy from the University of Kansas.

And for the last few decades, alongside other scholars and experts, I’ve researched technology use and put into practice teaching strategies that work with kids at home and in school.

I’ve raised three children (they’re all adults now, out of the nest and thriving!).

And all have a healthy relationship with technology.

Because I’m a grandmother now, I feel inspired to share my wisdom with parents raising their digital kids. 

My mission is for your child to thrive, too. And use tech as it was meant to be used. Creatively and responsibly.

And that’s Exactly Why I Created the Tame Your Tech Program

TAME is a simple framework for regaining control of technology, and gives your teen the chance to regain control of their life.

It’s a 4-step process, which has come about from working with dozens of parents and kids of all ages.

It stands for:

  1. Talk 
  2. Ask
  3. Model
  4. Explain

With the TAME Your Tech program you’ll master these four steps.

By understanding the ways devices try to control us, you’ll raise awareness, and actually connect with your teen, instead of lecturing them.

You’ll have the mindset, techniques and skills at your disposal to talk about the topics which matter.

You’ll be surprised how simple it is to control tech, lessening its threat to your teenager’s health and wellness.

Change Isn’t About Fighting. It’s About Growth.
And Learning How to Thrive.

Listen, changing your habits and behavior is hard. There’s enough research to prove that.

And that’s exactly why parents, yourself included, need all the help they can get.

That’s what the Tame Your Tech Masterclass is designed to do.

Yes, your teens will react, at first.

So I want to equip you with all the tools and strategies necessary to handle that initial pushback. 

But few folks know this...

Many kids actually wish their parents would be more involved.

They thrive with structure.

They want boundaries.

And they want their parents’ guidance. 

Even with their online habits.

Join me and other parents to learn exactly what you need to kick-start change in your home, and how to care for your son’s or daughter's needs. 

Choosing to Help Your Kids
Means You’re Winning as a Parent, Not Failing

Some parents like yourself have told me they feel embarrassed to join the program.

They say they can’t join a masterclass because it would mean they admit to failing as a parent.

But whenever someone tells me this, I say this one thing:

If you’re choosing to invest in your child, how can you fail them?

It’s the parents who neglect and ignore problems who are failing.

By admitting you don’t know everything, and by actively seeking out new solutions to improve your parenting means you’re already winning as a parent.

Because your alternative  choice is to  simply give up. 

And it’ll be your child who’s suffering from the anxiety, depression, poor grades, and so on because of it.

But you’re here, reading this. So are you really failing?

The Best Thing Yet…
The Program Works.
I Guarantee It.

All you have to focus on is practicing the method. Start talking, start asking, modeling, and explaining.

Follow the exercises in the Tame Your Tech program and implement the included family action plan.

And I guarantee you will see the impact of your newly adapted approach.

But if you’ve done it, and see zero results… then you can get your investment refunded (as per our policy).


The TAME Your Tech Method: The Expertly Crafted Program to help you and your family achieve happiness, and reduce stress over digital device use.

Enroll in the TAME Your Tech® course and see your teen’s year long tech battle transformed in only 7 short weeks.

Woman laptop taking notes

How It Works:

  • We meet once a week via Zoom June 15 - July 31 in groups of 6 to 10 parents with me (Dr. Bev) leading the group
  • Every week I’ll give you practical assignments, these action items let you put the material to action.
  • You get instant access to the TAME Your Tech® Guide for Parents (including detailed strategies and templates)
  • You get a midweek e-mail (each week!) directly from me to support you in each step of the process
  • All parents can share experiences and learn from one another with a private community available at the Smart Digital Kids site
  • You have access to me throughout the course by e-mail and Voxer

Weekly Class Sessions:

Week 1: Introduction - The Tame Your Tech® framework and assessment
Week 2: Talk - communicating with kids about digital technology
Week 3: Ask - taking interest in kids’ online activity
Week 4: Model - self-awareness and good habits
Week 5: Explain - what, how, and why we use digital devices
Week 6: Reflect - challenges and benefits
Week 7: Next steps – keep it going

Special Launch Bonuses:

  • Free one hour, 1-on-1 private and confidential coaching session with Dr. Bev
    Value: $250
  • Free family specific plan, tailored to your situation and needs, to help you to tame your tech.
    Value: $500
  • Free copy of The Back to School Blueprint, to help your kids get back into the in-person classroom routine.
    Value: $30
  • Free copy of the ACE Your Tech™ Guide for Teens (not yet available for purchase)
    Value: Priceless


And after 7 Weeks:

  • You’ll understand why it’s not actually your kids fault. These apps and videogames are designed to be addictive. But now you’ll know how to fight it.
  • You'll know how to stop struggling and fighting over digital device use
  • You'll learn what to say and do to keep the peace in your home
  • You'll have easy and simple strategies to keep the momentum going
  • PLUS, so much more

Meaning You'll Get:

  • 7 Weeks of Group Coaching, Content, and Personal Support from me.
    VALUE: $1925
  • Free one hour, 1-on-1 private and confidential coaching session with Dr. Bev
    Value: $250
  • Free family specific plan, tailored to your situation and needs, to help you to tame your tech.
    Value: $500

  • Free copy of The Back to School Blueprint, to help your kids get back into the in-person classroom routine.
    Value: $30

  • Free copy of the ACE Your Tech™ Guide for Teens (not yet available for purchase)
    Value: Exclusive Access, Priceless

What would normally sell for up to:


…you’re getting all this for only:



  • A FULL refund if the TAME Your Tech® Masterclass didn’t yield you results
    VALUE: Priceless

Meaning you take on zero risk.

Because if you have applied the techniques, exercises, read the guides, took part in the get-togethers, and used the material in your home… 

Yet you see no change in your teen’s behavior…

You get your investment back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ever too late to communicate to your children how much you love and care for them?

If you’re like me, then you wouldn’t say it is.

Our children should succeed, even if they’re growing up in a technologically driven, and distracted world.

When my son was 17, he would often say how annoying I was for limiting his time spent gaming, or watching TV…

But he never doubted my love for him.

And any moment you spend to guide, help, and encourage your kids, even if they’re 17 already, is worth it.

TAME Your Tech® Masterclass Course

Now, NOT at:


…you’re getting all this for only:


This course is for you if you...

  • Want to protect your teen from the harmful effects of too much tech
  • Want to help your teen learn to thrive in a digital world
  • Want to connect with other parents struggling with the same challenges

This course is not for you if you...

  • Want to vent about your teen's personal problems
  • Want a magic formula to control your teen's time on tech
  • Want to stay stuck depending too much on tech

TAME Your Tech® Masterclass Course

Now, NOT at:


…you’re getting all this for only:


Hey, if you’re still feeling unsure…

And if you still have any questions…

Then I want you to send me a message. I’ve tried to answer as many questions you may have, but I know it’s impossible to answer them all.

So, here is my personal email address: beverly[at]

I’m here to answer your questions.

I absolutely can’t wait to see you in the program.

Here’s to our children… the generation of smart digital kids. 

All the best,

Dr. Beverly Pell
Founder, Smart Digital Kids